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Our Story

The idea of Co-ops isn’t new. Back in the sixties, 90% of Australian families were involved in a co-op in one way or another.

Most people were members of mutual funds or friendly societies. Sugar farmers in Queensland got together and built  cooperatively run sugar mills. Dairy farmers in Victoria got together and built a processing factory and started making Devondale milk and cheese. Each state had a range of building societies which were developed from/or along the lines of a cooperative.

Australia has been built on the power of cooperatives.

These cooperatives got together so they could cut out the middlemen and keep a greater share of the pie for themselves. They also did it so they could give themselves greater control over how their business was run.. This is exactly the same motivation that’s driving the Queensland Lifestyle Cooperative.

Where have the cooperatives gone?  "Big business"  bought them out to reduce competition!


The founding members of the Cooperative who are now the directors have been involved in real estate development with a combined 200+ years of experience as developers, sale agents, builders, financiers and finance brokers. They have been involved in trendsetting initiatives such as the redevelopment of 660 houses in Inala, the Smarter Small Home and the  Future Housing Taskforce which are about creating Smart, Innovative Homes and Products for the Future.

In practice the Cooperative uses the collective power of Bulk Discounts to get the best price possible for investment properties to be purchaser by our Members.

Once you become a Member we will email you on a regular basis to outline the details of the various investment proposition that we have been able to secure.

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